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I still think it's not happeh! enough, but it's Sora, so that has to count for something.

So be prepared for the longest ass entry in the history of long ass entriesCollapse )

FFFFFfffffffff wuh? No catchy title today?

No special colors either, they're too mainstream.

Nope, nothing clever here either.Collapse )

I know the world's a broken bone...

Bad Moon on the Rise

Blue, because I feel cold and blue is the color I associate with being cold.

Aren't I supposed to be past all this wangst by now?Collapse )

Angst is the new Love!

And green is the new black!  At least for today.

I have 16 hours of teenage angst left, let me have thisCollapse )

Screwy thoughts for KH and beyond.

Today is..... Purple!  I demand it!

Less, No, Un, SansCollapse )

TL;DR -- kheveryonelove gives the most awesome plotbunnies ever, and it led to the creation/theory of a new enemy.

So yea, first day/time posting on here.

So uh, I'm usually not one for doing this sort of stuff.  But I've come across a few genius communities here over the past month or two and fell in love with LJ faster than my ice cream melts off the stick in the South Carolina summer.

That said, I am now (as of today *shockandawe*) a proud member of something meaningful.  People on here really seem to know what they're talking about, and talk about what they love.  It's a lot less shallow than a LOT of other community-type sites I've run into over the course of my not-quite-20-but-almost-there life.

So, thank you for welcoming me to this place. ^_^